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Band Members

Thomas Walsh – Accordion
David Yeates – Bodhrán, Flute, Tin Whistle, Guitar
Conall Larkin – Guitar

Current Label

Crashed Records

I have always wanted to record a CD with my group Turlough. That opportunity has now arrived, and I was delighted to show of the talents of the present members of Turlough. David Yeates is a very talented musician and singer from Dunboyne, where I know live. I've known David as an enthusiastic young boy hungry to learn how to play and with a dedication to be able to follow that dream which he achieved with his group “4 To The Bar” which he formed in New York. When he returned to Dunboyne and after a lot of persuasion he hitched up with myself and Conall Larkin, who has been with me for far too long! He will never get sense… but he is another talented musician and composer with a wicked sense of humour.

With this CD we set out to prove to ourselves and our fans that we could make a great CD with just our own talents and instruments. I was able to pick the tunes that I love playing and David and Conall did likewise. I think we created something special with this CD which was recorded in Ashtown Studios. The raw sound of the voices and the instruments with nothing else added gives the CD a pub atmosphere, I hope whoever buys the CD enjoys it as much as we did while creating it.

Thomas P. Walsh

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